1446145690103There’s something about autumn that soothes the soul. Something magical in the reds, yellows, oranges, and browns, as the leaves shake and dance in the chilly air, before floating to the ground.

Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year. It’s not only the season in which I was born (September 27), when the most horror movies are on TV, or the time that we gather together and express our thankfulness…but, it’s just the feeling of fall itself. I look forward to the crisp, clear mornings when dew gently blankets the earth.

It’s refreshing to inhale the autumn air, free of summer’s suffocating humidity. Friday night football, hot chocolate, s’mores, pumpkins, ghosts, goblins, turkeys, sweet potato pie….autumn! 1446925817025All of God’s marvelous creation is beautiful, but it seems He took a little extra time on the autumn’s canvas. A few more layers of color, a couple extra strokes of the brush. It’s hard not to stand in awe of its loveliness. People travel for miles to sit in traffic and view the scenic artistry of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I haven’t had the opportunity to witness the sights, but it is definitely at the top of my list!

1111151451It’s important to take the time to just…be. Take a break, look around and soak up nature’s splendor. Take pictures, have a picnic, go to the lake. Make it a priority to get away and just enjoy God’s masterpiece! It shouldn’t take the rain coming and “ruining” our plans, just to notice the weather and what’s going on outside of our homes or jobs. We must take advantage of the sunshine, cool breeze and God’s palette of perfection.